Health-Met is a technology that can save your life: it can be integrated into any type of helmet, thanks to an artificial intelligence module, it makes a real-time estimate of traumatic brain injuries in the event of an accident to ensure faster and more effective treatment.

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Health-met aims to establish itself in the medium-high-end helmet market, mainly in the motorcycle sector, by providing its technology and technical support to helmet manufacturers. The long-term goal is to lower production costs to make it possible to integrate the technology into any type of helmet, even with a destination other than the motorcycle sector. A first working prototype is expected to be built in about 1 year, while the first killer application is expected in about 1 year and 6 months.


We believe that Health-Met can help manufacturers go beyond the current level of protection provided by helmets, overcoming the lack of skills needed to develop technologies similar to the patented one. Companies that take advantage of Health-Met technology will therefore be able to satisfy their customers’ need for greater safety by mitigating the risk of damage due to injuries in the event of an accident not treated promptly and accurately.

Limiti attuali tecnologie / Soluzioni

The only technologies capable of estimating the kinematics of the head in real time have been developed for the sports field only and have accuracy in the estimation not suitable for practical use. Furthermore, these technologies provide for direct contact of sensors with the head, making it uncomfortable for the end user to wear.

Killer Application

The invention allows the development of new advanced devices for head protection and is therefore intended for the production of individual safety devices, as well as helmets for driving cycles, vehicles and motorcycles, or for sports use. The technology can also find application in the military as well as civil industry.

The advantages of the technology include the ability to call for help immediately after a claim, sending information on the possible harmful consequences of the event that has just occurred. The invention is compatible with any device already on the market and does not modify the aesthetics of the helmet in any way.

Tecnologia e nostra soluzione

The invention, called Health-Met, is a technology designed for any person who is required to wear a helmet, both in the workplace and in the recreational area. In the event of an accident, Health-Met is a precious ally of the user and of any rescuers, since it is not only able to call for help in the event of an accident, but is also able to estimate the damage suffered to the head through a form of Artificial Intelligence, in order to reduce risks and intervention times.

Health-Met is a technology that aims to support helmet manufacturers in making safer products. Through an artificial intelligence module and some sensors that can be integrated into any helmet model, this technology allows to provide a preventive estimate (with respect to a predefined severity scale) of traumatic brain injuries in the event of an accident. This information, communicated to the rescuers together with the data necessary to locate the injured person, allows rapid treatment of the injuries, reducing the probability of permanent or fatal damage.

The crash detection technologies devised by Quintessential Helmet and Bosch are the two most recent examples demonstrating interest in these systems. Compared to the solutions currently on the market, which only allow the detection of an accident, the innovation introduced with Health-Met lies in the preventive estimate of head injuries. The great data collected by this technology over the years will ensure continuous improvement in brain injury estimation and therefore in user safety.


  • Accidents detection;
  • Real-time position and monitoring;
  • Real-time AI damage assessment;
  • Machine-learning assistance.


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