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Relive the 2021 edition that dealt with Environmentally Sound Technologies, showcasing innovations that can significantly address current sustainability challenges.

5th of May 2021

TSD Opening Table in collaboration with ASTP – “Successful Collaborations between Academia and industry”

Environmental management and agriculture. From academia to industry. Innovative strategies, technologies and practices.

Green technologies to reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizer in agriculture.

6th of May 2021

The challenges of packaging: between innovation and sustainability.

Technologies for sustainable architecture and infrastructure.

Vegetable waste reuse technologies and market – waste as a resource.

7th of May 2021

More hydrogen for everyone!

Sustainability and Independence: Water from air, Energy from sea and earth.

TSD Wrap-Up and round table on topics and initiatives active in “Environmentally Sound Technologies” sector.

Opinion Leaders

Technologies under the spotlight